Woman Turned Over to Immigration after Domestic Violence Incident

Elena Cabrera, seated, says she was turned over to immigration authorities after she called Escondido police to report a domestic violence matter. Her daughter, Tayana Zarate, 17, was left alone to care for herself and her three younger siblings. EDWARD SIFUENTES | esifuentes@nctimes.com

Edward Sifuentes of the North County Times writes:

“A woman who called the Escondido Police Department to report that she was beaten by her boyfriend was herself arrested and later turned over to immigration authorities after she was booked at the Vista jail, a case that critics say illustrates the problems inherent in local police getting involved in immigration enforcement.”

Unfortunately, this kind of thing occurs all too often. See here and here.

Local police involvement with federal immigration enforcement makes it more difficult for police to gain the trust and cooperation of immigrants who live in our communityies. They are less likely to report crime or serve as witnesses at trial. That is why some local police chiefs are frustrated with local involvement in immigration enforcement — it makes the job of local law enforcement in fighting crime and maintaining public safety more difficult.

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