H1B Fireworks at GOP Debates


At the Republican debate last week, both Rubio and Trump weighed in on the Disney H1B issue. IDisney let go tech of some workers, replaced the unit with an outsourcing company, and that company brought in H1B workers who the original (USC) workers were asked to train.

Marco Rubio called it illegal.

“If there’s an American working at Disney, and they bring in someone with an H-1B visa to replace their direct job, that is a violation of the law”, Rubio said.

Donald Trump said that he shouldn’t have been allowed to use the H-1B program the way he has.

“I’m a businessman and I have to do what I have to do, but it’s sitting there for you to use”, said Trump. “But it’s very bad”

Republicans and Democrats in Florida will have a chance to vote for their preferred presidential candidate on Tuesday.

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